Cosmos: We ARE Made of Star Stuff

We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.
-Carl Sagan

Carl’s Sagan’s “Cosmos” series had a profound influence on me and, although it was created
more than twenty years ago, its ideas and explorations are still resounding in my mind. It occurs
to me that a new generation of human beings may have missed this journey into the essence of
our being and so I offer it anew, courtesy of a link on YouTube.

Yes, We are made of starstuff!

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Here’s the link to part One of the Cosmos Series:

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I am the prince
Returned from shadows past
From lives before
To claim my throne

I am the God I am

I run no more
From distant thunder
Fear no loss from any man
My wounds are healed
My heart is whole

I am the God I am

I am the sun, first morning light
I am the wind caressing souls
I am the moon, the purest love

I am the God I am

I am the sky, the talking stars
I am the fire, forever free
I am Creation, the lovers’ passion
I am the Light in you

Tio Stib, 1995, 2015

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a thorny wind pricks at my face
this black Mariah night
Dark raging clouds of memories flood
past storms I have survived

as salty mountains crashed on me
those times eternal lost at sea
I wondered then if I might live
Oh Lord, please let me be

while screaming doubts and fear swept through
with ghosts unseen yet real
my stomach turned, my soul near drowned
then day salvation pealed

so many times, so many storms
so many prayers tossed high
tempests wild have swept through me
all watched by God’s kind eye

Tio Stib, 2008, 2014

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