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My Dementia Diary

In January 2013, Tio Stib lost his sight and his wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Suddenly, the adventurous life they’d enjoyed became a dramatically different journey.

“My dementia Diary” is a story, sometimes humorous, always intimate, of how a blind man became the sole caregiver for his wife with her deteriorating dementia.

This is a story about adapting to adversity, about the devastating impact of dementia, about marriage, commitment, and faith.

Above all, “My Dementia Diary” is a story about the power of love.

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Taxi School

What happens when an eccentric New York City cabbie lands in an alien West Coast world?

Find out in “Taxi School

Al “Gynt” McGynty drives a taxi, the only Checker cab in New York City. It’s the life he loves and the Big Apple is where he loves living. Where else could he and Wally, a dog with a nose for trouble, enjoy great pizza, the Mets, jazz, hookers and hoodlums?

Discover how Gynt becomes a regular at the San Francisco police jail, adapts to the high tech age with his sexy assistant, Gina, and finds love in a family he abandoned years ago.

“Taxi School” is a curmudgeon’s laughable journey to find forgiveness and redemption in a world that can’t ignore him..

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Perils of Payeto, saving the last vaquita porpoise

In Mexico’s Gulf of California, disaster strikes Payeto, the world’s smallest porpoise when his mother is drowned in a fishing net. Suddenly, he is alone, perhaps the last vaquita porpoise on Planet Earth.

In the nearby town of San Pedro, two teenagers, shy Miguelito and precocious Magda, struggle to find a hopeful future in a community whose economy has collapsed.

Payeto’s perilous journey brings him face to face with the monster Red Devil, Maku, the King of the Sea Wolves, and finally the most dangerous predator of all, Man.

Zorro, the mischievous monkey, Sanchez, the good hearted ghost, poachers, drones, a secret beach, Ancient Irma, the wise whale, and Sonya, the powerful shaman, all add to the intrigue, humor, and adventures of Payeto, Miguelito and Magda.

Discover the surprising climax when the world’s of Payeto and the two teenagers finally collide.

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Remedies for Reluctant Romantics, 100 ways to Win the Love Game

Intimacy, passion, romance, fun, we all want these things with our love partners. We need them! Yet most of us, especially guys, are clueless about how to make great love happen in our lives. With 100 simple ideas for building successful loving relationships, “Remedies for Reluctant Romantics” is your guide to winning the love game. With chapters ranging from “Spontaneous Fun” to “Love Adventures” and much more, Tio Stib’s remedies laugh at our unending love mistakes while providing practical and fun ways to win the love you want.

This is a book for frustrated girlfriends wondering when their guy will grow up, nerds coming out of their cocoons into the light of romantic love, and any partner or couple wanting to put some juice back into their relationship.

With “Remedies for Reluctant Romantics,” you too can join love’s winner’s circle.

(link to Amazon)

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