Life Journey Poems & Prose

January 5, 2023

Writing is both therapy and work. I write, in many forms, about whatever moves me in the moment. Some projects take minutes, others months. Each is equally important, for my intention is to keep learning, keep growing, keep pushing to write better, love bigger.

Links to popular posts-

The journey-

A Season for Adventuring

life is like a broken egg

the crossing

Adapt, Migrate, or Don’t be Happy

Chihuahuas and Mosquitos

Jumping Off

High on Gratitude


The Danger of Dreams

Third World Shower


Night Walk

Blind Man on a Bench


Paddling a Submarine vs. Living an Authentic Life

A Blind Writer’s Path to Happiness

the Magic of Breath

Hanging with Happiness

The Up side of Down

Friends and Relationships-

control freaking

Flavors of Friends

A Friend Passes

A Mirrored Smile

The Gypsy Queen

Adventure buddies

This Child Who Once Was Woman

Forgiveness, the greatest gift

A Traveler returns

My Friend Ego

Walking with My Lover’s Ghost

Morning People

Old Men walking Dogs

The Speed of Love

the Memory of a Single rose

the Music of Tears

Soulmates at Starbucks


All the Lovely People

Afternoon Sun

Husband and Wife

Breakfast of Memories

Hold on!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Islands of Loneliness

One with Nature-

A Morning Kiss


Hell’s canyon


Imagine Water

The Campfire

River rock

My Life as a Hummingbird

River of Words

Spring Voices


Two Rivers

Dirty Snow

Slack water

Rain, Rain, come Again

A Wilderness Pill

Breaking Trail

Dancing Toes

Dead Horse Point

Autumn Leaves

The real problem with climbing mountains

7 thoughts on “Life Journey Poems & Prose

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