Life Journey Poems & Prose

My writing is both therapy and work, creative outlet and needed discipline for a meaningful life. I think of my journey as a never ending road trip on which I’m always taking notes.

Here are links to popular posts from my writer’s path to happiness-

River of Words
Control Freaking
Paddling a Submarine vs. Living an Authentic Life
Morning Bliss
Love Dumb, Life Stupid
Flavors of Friends
Hotel Hypothermia
First Snow

Running Forward, Looking Back
It’s Coming
Seattle Sun
The Upside of Down, Making Light of Loneliness
Shape Shifting
The Crossing
Two Rivers
Wondering What I Will Be
Love’s Least Obvious Threats, Chihuahuas and Mosquitos

Dancing Toes
Forgiveness, the Greatest Gift
Jumping Off
Life is Like a Broken Egg
The Wind Was I
A Friend Passes
My Garden of Words
Weeding Words

7 thoughts on “Life Journey Poems & Prose

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