Winning The Love Game

I believe life and love are all about relationships and winning the relationship game is essential for our happiness. But how do you learn how to play this game? If you’re like me, you just jump in, naive and stupid, and make a lot of mistakes. Hopefully, these are learning experiences and eventually you figure out what works and what doesn’t.  If you’re lucky, you find a partner who patiently tolerates your ignorance during this process.

You can also  study what others have learned to shorten your own learning curve. In this spirit, I offer some of my own lessons in these posts and in my book, Remedies for Reluctant Romantics, 100 Ways to Win the Love Game.”

RemediesforReluctantRomanticsRevCover.122015 copy

This is a book for romantic wannabes, frustrated girlfriends wondering when their guy will grow up, nerds coming out of their

cocoons into the light of romantic relationships, any partner or couple wanting to put some juice back into their relationships.

You, too, can win at love. “100 Ways to Win the Love Game” makes love simple, and the book is available at Amazon! Simply click on the book cover image above to purchase it.

Heck, if you can’t afford the bargain price or figure out how to navigate Amazon, connect with me via email and I’ll send you a copy. Anything to help a fellow love nerd.

Want more loving relationship help? Here are links to popular posts :

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