Night Walk

as comets streak cross galaxies
I dance down a puddled street
splashing through a sea of stars
reflections wet my feet

I walk past lamp lit skeletons
their leaves now lost and drowned
and wonder on this winter night
where can truth be found

Tio Stib

2014, 2019

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The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, My Review

I offer this post as a comedic contrast to my previous and more serious post on “Cosmos,” Carl
Sagan’s probing and deep look into man’s relation to the Universe. Douglas Adam’s presents a
lighter side of this topic in “his Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

This is the book that spawned the BBC television series of the same name and later a movie. I
remember the television program, an irreverent parody of science fiction done in the offbeat and
whacky Monty Python style. Listening to this book some thirty five years after it was published, I
was astonished to discover how contemporary the story is. Yes, great humor is timeless but
even more so, “The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” still has relevant messages about life
that are brilliantly comic and absurdly profound.

What amazed me most was the mind of Douglas Adams, a fascinating and often troubled
creative soul who left this world before he was fifty years old. For all its seeming craziness, The
Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is surprisingly deep in philosophical observation and
wonderfully complete in its multi-dimensional story telling.

This is a short book, full of fun and humorously posed life questions. I found it both mentally
refreshing and laughingly enjoyable. It was a real treat to listen to a writing genius at play.
Here’s a link to a free audio book version on YouTube:


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Cosmos: We ARE Made of Star Stuff

We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.
-Carl Sagan

Carl’s Sagan’s “Cosmos” series had a profound influence on me and, although it was created
more than twenty years ago, its ideas and explorations are still resounding in my mind. It occurs
to me that a new generation of human beings may have missed this journey into the essence of
our being and so I offer it anew, courtesy of a link on YouTube.

Yes, We are made of starstuff!

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Here’s the link to part One of the Cosmos Series:

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a sudden urge
and I was gone
to climb  a trail
to search beyond

as sun and peaks
glowed into one
I found the fate
that pulled me on

wind worn and bent
steel towered high
Ancient lookout
time gone by

just me and God
as day met night
Up stairs I rose
to Heaven’s sight

surrounded vast
a mountain sea
rose peaks
of iced immensity

new friends appeared
to fill dark skies
sparkling lights
of timeless eyes

Cocooned and snug
With peeping head
I set sail on
my cosmic bed

Tio Stib

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