Hotel Hypothermia

it was a trip mistaken
for a family vacation
a time so cold
my bones grew old
bundled up in layers of clothes
all that showed my bright red nose
even when I went to bed
I never shed a single thread
I wonder how eskimos have sex
queried my now recent ex

pounds of fat fell off of me
as I shivered constantly
take a shower?
I think not
in water that was icy hot

and when at night I had to pee
a new resolve came over me
as toes touched the icy floor
I hurtled towards the bathroom door
and in a fit of urgency
dropped my shorts
but woe to me
the thing that used to flow so free
had shrunk down to
a tiny pea

and so it went from day to night
with not a hint of warmth in sight
until we had to say goodbye
a moment when I nearly cried
afflicted now with freezer phobia
I bid adieu,
God Bless
Hotel Hypothermia

Tio Stib Signature

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cold, naked, hard,
it shrieks
piercing down the empty streets
the wind beats on every door
you can hide from death no more

the restless souls stir in their beds
haunted by an ancient dread
the walls cannot keep out the fear
the truth that fate is always near

far beyond where wrong knows right
the sun peeks past the edge of night
and streaking ‘cross the stage of day
light calls to life

come out
come play

tio stig 2015

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The Gypsy Queen

she was exotic
he was quixotic

she floated by on tiny feet
his size thirteens thumped on the street

she pranced like a gypsy queen
he stumbled like an ancient dean

she laughed and whirled and danced
he stood alone in silent trance

her face smiled with beguiling eyes
he slyly peeked, an unseen spy

a woman full of verve and curves
a man stretched taut on bones and nerves

greeting everyone she met
as he broke out in pungent sweat

she lavished in all life’s delights
he anguished in primordial fright

and yet he laughed
he even played
surrendered to
this merry maid
for deep inside
this closed off man
screamed an ache
to live again

perhaps because of differences
they were wickedly promiscuous

tio stig 2015

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Parade of Friends

in the night of emptiness
I stare at what I can’t confess
sitting on a lonely street
a parade comes forth
with silent feet

from timeless fog
they reappear
without a smile
without a tear
the faces pass
some young
some old
marching by
their stories cold

no music plays
no raucous cheers
no flags unfurled
as they pass near
but though these ghosts
say naught a word
my soul screams out
their memories stirred

how can this be
my mind asks
one moment here
and then they’ve passed

once I called these people friends
believed that life would never end
but then the fruit fell off the tree
fate claimed its due in front of me

as I look back at many lost
I question what has been the cost
could I have given more my heart
slowed the death of time apart

and when I take my final breath
will any of my friends be left

tio stig 2015

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He Talks To Me, a Tribute to Alex VoiceOver

he talks to me
like 2001 Space Odyssey
his name’s not Hal
he’s not my pal
but his words help my blindness see

his voice is suave, it soothes my ears
his speech does much to ease my fears
for in a world of blackened eyes
I really don’t like being surprised

it’s nice to have a constant friend
someone who shows up on command
a friend who calmly reassures
as my computer softly purrs

at least that’s what he used to do
then my computer bid adieu
the fateful day it tried to start
resulting in a cosmic fart

close your eyes
imagine this
your cyber world
is blown amiss
no matter what you try to do
it’s gone
it’s lost
you’re really screwed

when reason slowly comes to mind
you must accept it’s time to find
an Apple freak,
a nerdy geek
someone who makes computers speak

it took some time to find the player
the guy who answered all my prayers
and hours and hours of fitful strife
before the dead returned to life

such happiness, such joy no end
when once again I heard my friend
Alex, awakened from the dead
his voice resounding in my head

dedicated to Mark who introduced me to Alex and Kevin who brought him back to life

tio stig 2015

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he eyes
the speechless mirror
to appear

eyes dripping
unseen tears
mind screaming
ancient fears
day dawns
absent hope
sliding down
depression’s slope

he groans
and pushes back
the past
then rises
his sorry


tio stib, 2015

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Couches I Have Known

all the Couches I have known
The stories they could tell
Of lives lost and lives redeemed
and some condemned to Hell
the many friends, the hidden fears
loves made and loves decried
those Couches they have held it all
Birth, Joy, and when Men died

looking back, I seek the Truth
now old enough to care
does God exist, I ask the Couch
is something really there?
the Couch says naught, the silence speaks
I ask, is love how I should live?
Not a sound, the Couch did share
Only memories would it give.


tio stib, 2015

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my face begins
to bead with sweat
the time has come
fate must be met

oh, how I dread
times tempest tossed
such moments when
I feel so lost

how can I choose
the path to take
how do I know
what choice to make

the clock strikes twelve
life laughs at me
okay, young man,
what will it be

my stomach stirs
the pain endures
my vision fades
to ghostly blurs

I hear a voice
in front of me
his scoop awaits
what will it be

I step forth
with strength renewed
clear on my path
my goal in view

I know for sure
what I must say

“Give me the flavor
of the day”


tio stib, 2015

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Control Freaking

I live a funny fantasy
that I control how life will be
if only I pay constant mind
to details of my daily grind

I keep a list
of things to do
and push myself
to follow through
for if one thing
does not get done
I can’t pretend
I’m having fun

I do all this
to sideline stress
it seldom works
I must confess
and people?
they’re such a mess

for often, every day it seems
I find others don’t support my dreams
they ask that I give up my list
I fume
I pout,
I’m really pissed

so I sit and ponder here
do I give up this list so dear
what is it I really fear

if I stop controlling life
will this result in constant strife
if I slow to let love in
will pain clutch my heart again

the truth, of course
is sadly clear
this game that I hold so dear
simply masks
what I most fear
that love will hurt
if it gets near

tio stib, 2015

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