My Dementia Diary 33 – Still Water

This morning was unusual. For weeks , the days have started with a cool breeze shaking the trees, forcing me to pull up the zipper on my jacket, our walks beginning with some urgency, a need to get the blood circulating for warmth.

Not so today. This morning, we opened the front door to the immensity of quiet. not a sound, Not a breath of wind. It was as if someone, somehow, had put life on “pause.” 

We walked through this spell of silent grace down to the shore,  finding a sun warmed bench to sit on. The water was absolutely still, not a whisper of waves lapping on the beach. Breathing deeply, I marveled at how peaceful I felt as the endless stress of caring for my wife melted away.

We held hands and savored the bliss of carelessness.

Others, similarly entranced, passed by. Each answered our greetings with soft friendliness. Finally, as we rose to leave, one woman shared with awe,

“It’s so calm!”

Yes, and I so needed it.

tio stib

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