My Dementia Diary 32 – Sometimes

Sometimes I find myself thinking everything is the way it used to be, I can see and my wife is an intelligent, rational adult. Sometimes, for a moment, I believe this is true.

Although when I open my eyes, all I see are blobs and blurs, I dream in vivid color and exquisite detail. My dreams are so real, I often awake expecting to be adventuring with my wife again, young and wild and free once more.

It doesn’t work that way.

Sometimes the world inside my head is more appealing than the world  outside.

tio stib

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4 thoughts on “My Dementia Diary 32 – Sometimes

  1. i thought of you and your wife several times today after reading this. Knowing you had time before, and happy for you. You give comfort in your writings, and encouragement now. thank you for that.

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