My Dementia Diary 91 – The Last Rose

I placed it in her hand
the last rose
the last flower
from the summer garden of our life

she touches the petals to her lips


and they drive her away


and she’s gone

oh, how my heart aches for one more kiss
to touch her forehead to my lips
to slowly breathe in the woman
the rose that captivates my soul

but the road is empty now
I’m left alone

wandering a winter garden of memories

tio stib

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4 thoughts on “My Dementia Diary 91 – The Last Rose

  1. Tio, I am so very sorry. So sorry for the losses you are experiencing. As you write, I see the time coming when you must say goodbye. But. You have had and still do, have love. Though we’ve never met, my heart goes out to you and I wrap you in arms of compassion.

  2. Tio, my thoughts are with you. And after another re-read, I will get back to you on your book. Your writing makes me wish I could write more about my hospice nursing days. You have a uniqueness in your writing. Thanks always for sharing. wanda

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