Hanging with Happiness

I used to hang with Happiness
he brought me many smiles
but then one day he disappeared
and left me lonely miles

I used to play with all his friends
Laughter, Joy, Surprise,
no end
but when he left that fateful day
I found they all had gone away

I used to hang with Happiness
he always sparked my mind
but then one day he disappeared
the day that I went blind

he took the world that I could see
including my identity
and left a void inside of me
a life I can no longer be

I miss those days of running free
of feeling wild immensity
now I linger long in bed
lost in wonders in my head

this the only place I see
the only world where I am free
the dreams deep inside of me
and sleep the door that sets me free

I wonder as the day dawns black
if he might someday come back
and with this hope I make my way
a chance that I might hear him say…

I’ve brought my friends to play

tio stib
2015, 2017

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6 thoughts on “Hanging with Happiness

  1. This made me wonder. I read of a man who was horribly tortured by lack of sleep and discomfort in a cell in China as a result of questioning the regime and, with all the physical horrors he remarked that nothing was as painful as the loneliness he experienced in solitary confinement. In those and many other circumstances and many other lives it is so true that it is ” Sleep the door that sets me free.” What a great line that is 🙂

    • And freedom has a cost, the burden or bliss of individual responsibility. It is this choice I must struggle with each day when deciding whether or not to exit sleep’s peace. Thank you for your wise thoughts.

  2. You cut to the chase with HWH, Steve. A poignant cry that comes from the dark recesses of your heart and soul. You bring out your real self, primal self, and your words make me react instinctively.

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