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I’m blind, and the pleasure I get from books is listening to them. The words I hear fire my imagination and in this place I can see. Well written books fill my mind with vivid pictures of fascinating characters acting out suspenseful plots often with surprising twists. This is a world I often disappear into, a place where I am not sightless but limitless.

My Guide to Excellent Audio Books is based on my own listening experiences. I get my audio books mostly from either B.A.R.D., the National Library Service for the Blind, or audible.com. I have a few criterion for what I deem excellent which I note as follows:

First, well written stories. The plot is logical and at the same time absorbing. Characters don’t do stupid things. Coincidental occurrences don’t disturb the story’s believability.

Next, there are interesting characters. Personalities that reflect the myriad possibilities of human behavior. There are relationships that shed light on human dilemmas. Characters who are challenged and respond in the highest and lowest manners.

Finally, there is an underlying message, perhaps a theme about values. Ideally, a story that offers a solution to one of the many life challenges people face. Of course, I also appreciate the narration, how the story is told.

That’s about it. My definition of “excellence” is constantly changing and as it evolves I’ll let you know more. Hopefully, you will share your thoughts on this subject and we can grow together.

Here’s the link to my GoodReads Group with my bookshelf of excellent audio books. Sign up for GoodReads and then you can comment on the discussion threads.

https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/135367-a-blind-writer-s-guide-to-excellent-audiobooksThanks for playing. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Adapt, Migrate, or Don’t Be Happy

A wise friend of mine often reminds me of what his grandaddy said when facing tough circumstances.

“Boy, in life you’ve only got three choices in any dire situation. It’s the basic law of Nature. When facing any threat of impending doom, you can either adapt, migrate, or go extinct. Period.”

Seems like a rather simplistic pronouncement, but as I’ve studied how these words measured up against my own unending perils, I think old granddad summed it up quite well, although I’d modify his thought thus:

“In any perilous situation, man has three choices: adapt, migrate, or don’t be happy.”

How might this apply to man’s’ daily encounters with the arguably most dangerous of species, women? Consider the following example:

He is sitting in front of the television, beer and chips in hand, watching the championship football game. He’s been looking forward to this all week. She marches in, stands defiantly in front of the television and blurts, “The sun’s shining and you’ve promised to cut the grass for weeks. It’s time!”

Adapt, migrate, or don’t be happy.

Consider the options:

Adapt: You could negotiate, promise to cut the grass immediately after the game, never mind that it’s already 4 p.m., and darkness will engulf the yard at 6, not to mention this is a double header day. Or, you could offer to do the yard tomorrow, hoping she doesn’t remember that you’ve already promised to take the family to the Wonderland Theme Park. Yes, you can adapt by trying to negotiate. In this case you’re options are limited as this is the tactic you used the past two weeks in avoiding the task. Next-

Migrate. You could arrange for your buddy Harry to call and then tell your wife he urgently needs your help in fixing his broken hot water heater, you’ll be back as soon as possible. Of course, Harry’s hot water heater is fine, but now you and he can watch the games in the safety of his garage undisturbed by domestic trivia. The downside of this is that Your wife and his wife are also friends and it’s more than likely that they will talk and your wife will soon discover that she’s been scammed, reducing your options to the final

Or don’t be happy. Yes, it may come to this. After reviewing all your other options and their consequences, you may just have to get out and mow the yard or face the continued wrath of your wife. But, wait, perhaps there are other  possibilities. Let’s go back to adapt.

Man’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances has been the single most important means of his survival on planet Earth. What are other ways he can adapt to this crisis? He could call Billy, the teenage kid next door, and offer him $20 to cut the yard, plus a free beer on the side. For an extra $10 he could probably get Billy to wash the wife’s car too. Now, we’re talking bonus points in the Love Game, getting out of the hole and back on top of her graces, (see previous post on The Love Game). Yes, it’s always wise to consider all options for adapting to crisis situations.

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