A Wilderness Pill

when my back aches
there’s a pill to ease the pain

when I start sneezing
there’s a pill for allergies

but when I’m trapped in urban loneliness
when my soul cries out for wildness
for freedom
screams to be lost in Nature’s oneness
back in the immensity of desert silence
standing in awe on a mountaintop
dancing with waves crashing on a wild beach

I need a wilderness pill

a medicine that smells of campfires
that tastes of Springtime meadow flowers
that reverberates with coyotes howling
at the rising moon

but my heart knows
this easy out can’t begin
to feed the hunger

it’s time to get out
get away

time to be on the loose again

tio stib

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6 thoughts on “A Wilderness Pill

    • I don’t have such a pill, probably a good thing as I’m forced to get out into Nature. I do have my wilderness memories though, and smelling bacon on the stove takes me back to campfires in Oregon’s Blue Mountains.

  1. So often when traveling a lonely road through open countryside I’ve looked out the window and wished I could just stop and start walking. Toward a forest or a mountain range or simply open land. It’s a wild, but steady call.

    • Yes, and I’m blessed with many beautiful memories. My challenge is to push myself out the door to create even more magical moments. Thanks for reaching out.

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