The Speed of Love

given that light travels at 186,000 miles per second
and the moon is 238,900 miles from earth.  
it takes less than two seconds  
for the man in the moon to smile 
and warm your heart 

how fast, then, is the speed of love 
when you smile at the person beside you
and they smile back 

faster than a speeding bullet 
even faster than Superman 

this means that love is beyond super fast 
and my smile is beyond super powerful 

I’m putting my love cape on 

tio stib 

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3 thoughts on “The Speed of Love

  1. Ohhhh… Tio Stib—

    I wish you could see SASSEM Sloth who comes to all cancer tests and treatments with me. He’s Teddy bear sized with soft Gray-brown fur and a slow gentle smile. She wears a soft fuzzy pale turquoise cape with sparkling LOVE written down it with iridescent sequins. Obviously one of your tribe!

    One week I mistakenly left her at home. I wasn’t the only one who missed he(r)! Many folks asked where (s)he was—from registration to buses, from fellow patients to the doc himself!

    Sending you some sparkles of love today too the love you will sprinkle along your path!

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