My Dementia Diary 52 – Drowning in Sadness

Because my wife’s dementia is deteriorating slowly, there are times when I forget it is happening at all. then, she says something-

“Do you have a wife?”

We were making breakfast when this question came up. My heart froze.

“Do you have a wife” she asked again.

I hugged her close and whispered, “you are my wife. You will always be my wife.”

“Of course,” she answered, kissing my cheek.

I am drowning in sadness.

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4 thoughts on “My Dementia Diary 52 – Drowning in Sadness

  1. During the fifteen years I worked as a registered music therapist in nursing homes and other facilities, I spent a lot of time with residents in an Alzheimer’s unit. One gentleman kept telling me I was beautiful and asking me if I was married. Of course he kept asking that question to all female staff members who came in contact with him. When I finally ended up with an engagement ring, after I repeatedly showed it to him in answer to his question, I was approached by one of the nurses who baked wedding cakes on the side. Long story short, my late husband and I had a beautiful, delicious cake for our wedding. Your story reminded me of this. Thank you for the memory.

  2. this is so precious. Profound, sad, and beautiful at the same time.


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