Start with Why?

Start With Why?

Have you spent much time with three year olds lately? I have, and one of the most interesting and often frustrating behaviors of these little beings is their continued use of the single word question:


“Why do I need to eat my vegetables?”

“Why do I need to use the toilet instead of dumping in my diapers?”

“Why are you so mad about the man talking on the television?:

“Why does it matter if I swallowed a quarter?”

Yes, such questions can be annoying, especially if they seemingly never end, but let’s look past our own small mindedness to a basic truth.

“Why?” is the first question of conscious being, arguably the most important one. Children, when they first become able to verbally communicate with adults, ask “why?” Most of the older folks they ask, soon get tired of the never ending prodding and soon simply answer, “just because”.

Cop out.

When do we turn the brain switches off and stop being conscious? When did this happen to you?  For me, it was when I entered kindergarten and suddenly found my self fearful of social disapproval. Yes, it was fear that shut me down. And now, years later, having traversed many of life’s mountains and fallen face first into my fears, I’m back to asking “why?” again.

Why am I writing this blog? Just what do I expect to get out of this? Sure, it would be nice, perhaps, to have a large following of folks who enjoyed my written ramblings about life, who possibly get a chuckle of my misadventures, who might even find some anecdote that paralleled their own journeys and felt compelled to ask their own questions. Yes, that would be comforting, but I don’t think that’s what matters most to me.  Rather, my heart says this writing, this public outlay of my thoughts and feelings is about claiming my own significance, my reason for being, just for me. This blog is me telling the Universe, “I’m here and I’m playing, doing whatever it takes, to fully realize and be me, all I can be for the betterment of life on planet earth.”

A bit heavy. Perhaps. But it rings true to my soul. Is there some humor in this. Certainly. My delusions of making a difference with my life are, of course, delusional.. But, then, aren’t all dreams delusional? That’s what makes them dreams. What’s even more crazy is that some people actually make their dreams happen, in spite of the seeming impossibilities.

So, why not me?


Back to my favorite question. Let’s hear it for three year olds.

For an interesting perspective on “Why?” check out Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why, on Amazon. For those who have an appetite for intellectual nourishment, this book is wonderful brain food.


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