Why We Need to Listen

Here’s a link to a YouTube post from Lorelai La, a woman whose wisdom and insight continually inspires me. This video, “Why We Need to Listen,” feels particularly timely today.


“The first rule of love is to listen” -Paul Tillich

Tio Stib Signature


standing silent on the sand
as time drains from my mind
I see a lone heart on the beach
a love that once was mine

you asked for love
you let me in
to see
your wounded soul
you shared your shame
but did I hear
sadly, I said “no”

your heart screamed
did I feel your pain
I hid behind my walls
afraid to love again

I violated sacred trust
your tears a silent shout
and now lost in loneliness
mere words will never count

I know now a larger love
That cries we’re not apart
too late though in my emptiness
I see footprints on your heart

tio stib, 1995, 2015

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