Book Giveaway “Taxi School”

Hey friends, I’m giving away copies of my latest book, “Taxi School,” to anyone who is looking for a fun read in return for a book review. Send an email to and I’ll send you a paperback advance copy of “Taxi School” for your reading enjoyment. 

Taxi_School_Front_Cover ARC copy.jpg

Here’s the book blurb-

Al “Gynt” McGynty drives a taxi, the only Checker cab in New York City. It’s the life he loves and the Big Apple is where he loves living. Where else could he and Wally, a dog with a nose for trouble, enjoy great pizza, the Mets, jazz, hookers and hoodlums?

But a phone call from San Francisco changes all that. Gynt finds himself teaching taxi school to Junior, his astro physicist son-in-law, dealing with the  problems of his estranged family, and struggling to adapt to a West Coast world that makes him feel like a man from Mars. On top of that, Gynt has a sudden realization- 

He’s getting old.

Meet Karma, the call girl with a dream, Fat Fong and his fortune cookie factory, Gladys and the Cougar Supremes, and Shirley, the Zen Buddhist with a Harley Davidson.

Discover how Gynt becomes a regular at the San Francisco police jail, adapts to the high tech age with his sexy assistant, Gina, and finds love in a family he abandoned years ago.

“Taxi School” is a curmudgeon’s laughable journey to find forgiveness and redemption in a world that can’t ignore him..

Would you like to read more? Send me your mailing address and I’ll send a copy of  “Taxi School” your way.

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