there is no happy
without sad
there is no good
without bad

there is no high
without low
there is no stop
without go

there is no wrong
without right
there is no dark
without light

there is no courage
without fear
there is no far
without near

there are no tears
without smiles
there is no distance
without miles

there is no quiet
without din
there is no out
without in

there is no wild
without tame
there is no different
without same

there is no peace
without strife
this is the truth
of daily life

and from all this
how choose my fate?
I will be love
and without hate

tio stib, 2015

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Gasping from my lofty climb
I search for shadows left behind
The ghosts of journeys
once so strong
how can it be
they’re so far gone

In this forlorn solitude
my spirit aches to be renewed
to share the path of life again
to walk beside a noble friend

Comes a surge of unseen screams
a flood of faces from past dreams
warm memories sooth my aching heart
I climb again to find my part

tio stib, 2015

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I am the prince
Returned from shadows past
From lives before
To claim my throne

I am the God I am

I run no more
From distant thunder
Fear no loss from any man
My wounds are healed
My heart is whole

I am the God I am

I am the sun, first morning light
I am the wind caressing souls
I am the moon, the purest love

I am the God I am

I am the sky, the talking stars
I am the fire, forever free
I am Creation, the lovers’ passion
I am the Light in you

Tio Stib, 1995, 2015

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In the stillness of my soul
Resides the light of truth
So soft
So strong
This light shines on
the one, the only route

Through storm tossed thoughts
on passion’s waves
in loneliness
lost weary days
the flicker of that warming hope
pulls heart again
up life’s steep slope

And in the quiet moment
Beyond the mind,
past sight
I know that I am loved
This sacred

tio stib, 1994, 2015

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Burned Barn

Burned Barn
My barn having burned to the ground,
I can now see the moon

Japanese poet Mizuta Masahide (1657-1723)
It has been two years since I became “sight free,” and I am just beginning to perceive the
blessings of blindness.

tio stib, 2015
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a thorny wind pricks at my face
this black Mariah night
Dark raging clouds of memories flood
past storms I have survived

as salty mountains crashed on me
those times eternal lost at sea
I wondered then if I might live
Oh Lord, please let me be

while screaming doubts and fear swept through
with ghosts unseen yet real
my stomach turned, my soul near drowned
then day salvation pealed

so many times, so many storms
so many prayers tossed high
tempests wild have swept through me
all watched by God’s kind eye

Tio Stib, 2008, 2014

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