The Blind Side Parables 27 – Rover and Julia

Where was he?

Julia fretted. they’d agreed to meet at midnight. It was one in the morning, but Rover was always late, and he always had a lame excuse.


Startled, Julia turned to the sound behind her. Somebody was out there, tapping on the glass, rapping on a window that was four stories up in a six story building.

She knew that goofy smile. There, dangling in the dark was her true love, the boy who had captured her heart, the one, and truly the only Rover Nightingale.

His full name was William Randolph Nightingale, III,but everyone called him rover, a nickname picked up in early youth because his attention span was slightly longer than the blink of an eye.

She smiled. He’d really come for her. He really did love her.

Then she frowned, but he was hanging on a rope outside her apartment. This fact didn’t bode well.

Rover pointed to the window latch. She opened it and slid the window up. With a singularly deft movement, rover swung his body through the opening and spilled onto the floor.

“Wow,! he giggle, rolling onto his back and smiling into his lover’s eyes, “that was a bit more than I’d bargained for.”

Julia just stared down, the obvious question on her mind.

rover responded to her confusion, “it was those nasty brothers of yours. They’re taking turns guarding the entry to the building and we know what they’d do to me if I tried going through the front door.”

His last direct approach had resulted in being summarily tossed from the local fishing pier into the river. Rover was not keen on repeating this near drowning.

Julia’s family had made it perfectly clear that a guy from Rover’s side of the tracks was not going to court their lovely daughter. They not only had a guard posted at the building entrance, they had cameras in the halls. The place was under constant surveillance.

But true love could not be thwarted. Rover had outsmarted them, dropping onto the roof from a neighboring building and rappelling down the building’s face to meet his beloved.

He quickly explained this to Julia, who, although quite impressed with his clever feat of access, asked the next obvious question.

“what now?”

Reading her mind, Rover reached into his knapsack and pulled out a pile of clothing which, shaken to life, became two frumpy dresses with accessories.

Julias eyes remained puzzled.

rover smiled, kissed her gently, then added, “disguises.”

Ten minutes later, their true identities concealed by floppy hats and ankle length dresses, a large, concerned woman had an arm draped around an obviously pregnant female whose baby, hinted at by the huge pillow stuffed about Julia’s midriff, was quite ready to burst into life.

the expectant mother looked up at her protector, “and you think this is enough to let us walk past the guard at the front door?”

Rover bent down and kissed his lover. “he smiled, took out his phone, and punched a button, saying,


Then, reaching into his bag, Rover pulled out a lighter and a string of firecrackers. He lit a fuse and tossed the explosives out the window.

With the first BAM! BAM! they were in the hall and down the stairs.

As Rover through open the front door, yelling, “don’t worry, dearie, we’re going to make it to the hospital,” the firecrackers were still going off.

Bam! BAM! BAM!

the bruiser at the door, trying to figure out what was happening on the street, barely noticed the two women flying past him down to the sidewalk and into a  car that suddenly appeared, then zoomed away.


And then silence.

The guard’s phone was ringing. He answered.

“What’s going on over there? What’s all the noise?”

“Just kids lighting off firecrackers.”

“Anything else/“

“A pregnant woman being hustled to the hospital.”

Then it hit him.

The other woman had been wearing the biggest pair of Air Jordans he’d ever seen.

Moral: Love will find a way

tio stib

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