The Long Voyage

I follow this blog to keep my thoughts about my self importance in perspective. Certainly the journeys of the two Voyagers propelled into infinity keeps me humble.

Rationalising The Universe

A long belated hello RTU followers. I hope everybody had an enjoyable summer break, apologies for our considerable silence lately, as well as the occasional holiday I have been spending time preparing for my upcoming Master’s course while Joe has been busy with work and the plethora of other qualifications he does on the side. But back to the school year and back to the posts. Let’s brush off the cobwebs with one that isn’t very technical.

2017 marks the 40 year anniversary of the Voyager missions. The missions were originally conceived with the intention to explore Jupiter and Saturn and then onto, if successful, the further reaches of our solar system. The Voyager missions have become the success story of space missions, let’s recap their journey.


Way back in 1960s calculations revealed that, due to the alignment of the planets, it would be possible for a spacecraft launched in…

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