Blind But Now I Hear

Stunned by Screaming Silence

I was sitting outside, enjoying a peaceful evening, when I suddenly realized I was surrounded by many other worlds. I could hear everything!

The deep rolling rumble of a freight train over three miles away on the far side of the river many blocks below our home.

The flitting sound of a hummingbird as it visited the garden in front of me in search of nectar.

The flag flapping sharply in the late afternoon breeze.

A large fly buzzing by.

The rotating dryer inside and the clothes flopping round and round inside the metal drum.

Jackson, the dog over the fence, barking occasionally simply to note his displeasure at being left alone.

A garage door opening as our neighbors got into their car and exited with the mechanical whir of the garage door finalizing their departure.

My stomach growling, reminding me that it was now too late for lunch.

The sudden scream of a siren as the fire engine rushed out of its house a block away to attend a new emergency.

Voices, children’s, and the sound of skateboard wheels rolling down the street outside our gate.

“Meos,” softly speaks Tiger, a furry neighbor rubbing against my leg hoping for attention.

Thoughts noisily bouncing around my brain, seeming problems, possible solutions, smiling memories.

Even in solitude, there is not silence.

My life has a new resonant richness, so many new soundsI am remembering, old friends suddenly appearing in the door of my consciousness.

Blind, but now I hear.

“Hola! Stib! Cena!”

A loving voice calls out from the kitchen, and this time my stomach growls in gratitude as I leave my sound blessed Universe and re-enter the comfort of home.

Love Big! Dream Bigger!


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