Look Mom, No Eyes!

It’s time to give thanks for the new things blindness lets me do. Here’s my gratitude list-

Now I don’t have to think twice about entering pie eating contests, closing my eyes and plunging my face into a mound of banana cream is a total delight.

On another food related note, I no longer worry about crying when I cut onions as keeping my eyes closed during this process is a piece of pie.

When riding with Mohammed, my favorite taxi driver, I no longer fear for my life as I slide across the Taxi’s back seat while he speeds around a corner, responding to my pleas for more caution with his favorite saying, “Not to worry, sahib. We are in the hands of Allah.”

People don’t snicker as much when I drool. This may or may not be true as my hearing is also failing.

I now can really say it was an accident when I walk into the women’s restroom.

I don’t feel at all badly when I purposefully trip over someone’s obnoxious little yipping dog.

I am no longer bored sitting all day in a small boat waiting for a fish to latch onto whatever I’m dragging behind as blindness has made me a master waiter.

The thought of speaking in front of a large live audience is no longer paralyzing. O.K., it’s not like anybody is asking me to do that, but I’ll be fearless when it happens.

I no longer pretend that people’s baby pictures are cute. Wrinkled hairless babies are ugly.

I am no longer concerned with seeing God in my life. It would be nice to have a
short conversation though.

Nobuddy bugz me abut spellin enymore. Thank Got!

I have no excuses for not living William Perky’s famous quote-
“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

Yes, I’ve lots to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, especially the immense love my wife, family, and friends have given me during these difficult times of adjusting to a new blind reality.

My life has many blessings and I wish the same for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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