Writing Well 3, Everybody Needs a Tribe

In my previous post, “Writing Well 2,” I lamented the fact that with nearly 4,000,000 books listed on Amazon and with only 40 of those authors making any sort of money, my odds of financial success as a self-published author are less than me winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games. Since that activity involves athletes and that’s about the last thing anyone would call me, you get an idea of just how slim the odds are.

If you’re a writer like me, such statistics might be sobering, a bucket of ice water in the face of all those dreams of being a successful author. It certainly was a harsh wake up call for me. At the same time, I was forced to stop and look at my larger life picture. I observed that in my quest for the mythical Holy Grail of best selling authordom, I’d neglected other important areas of my life.

Even though I enjoy the solitude that is part of a writer’s journey, I also need the comfort of companionship. I need to feel part of something bigger than me, to share life and serve others, and, yes, I more than often need a little help from my friends.

How can we create such a community? How do we build our Tribe?

Thank you Jeff Goins for your timely response. In his article, “Every Writer Needs a Tribe,” (link below), Jeff outlines steps we can take to make our Tribe a supportive reality. Of particular value to me, was Jeff’s suggestion that we must be clear about what our “Voice” is in relationship to our tribe. I’ll let you explore his ideas for yourself, but for me this exercise was essential for me getting clear about why and for whom I was writing.

I’m writing young adult eco-fiction stories with solutions.

Have I given up on financial success as a writer? no, I’ll keep working at effective marketing, being a smart businessman, and becoming  a better writer. but my larger goal is to build a successful writing life amidst a supportive community. My main goal is to grow and serve my Tribe.

What is your Tribe and how are you building it around your unique voice?

Here’s the link to Jeff Goins article, “Every Writer Needs a Tribe”-


Good writing!

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Sir Oswald Clarkson Demonstrates Economy

Another brilliant piece from Peter. At this point in my writing career, I empathize with the speaker.


 Malinslow, a name hard to say correctly after more than three beers, was a town which sought prominence through its annual poetry festival and used to gather a decent supply of the well-to-do, as well as a number of dishevelled brillianteens, to listen to readings of original verse by leading poets at its annual festival: sometimes bards from the States and other continents could be encouraged to attend by promises of large cheques and a decent lunch or two. Not bad for those used to living on the thin air associated with having your head in the clouds searching for a misplaced career.

This year Sir Oswald Clarkson, a coal miner’s son from Lancashire, was the guest of honour and booked to give the final reading of the evening. His seminal work, “Thoughts Toward a Conclusion” once battled it out with steamy romances in the best-selling lists. A man…

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Help Save the Vaquita Porpoise!

A small porpoise, the world’s most endangered marine mammal is on the edge of extinction. Can it be saved?

International Save the Vaquita Day copy

With only about 60 individuals remaining in its northern Gulf of California habitat, the vaquita porpoise may be gone soon unless effective actions are taken to save it.

International Save the Vaquita! Day, Saturday, July 9, will host events worldwide to increase awareness and promote action to save the endangered vaquita.

Here’s a link to find out more-


want to know more about the challenges facing the vaquita and solutions to build a balanced ecosystem that sustains both the vaquita and the human communities surrounding its habitat? Here’s a link to my bilingual young adult eco-fiction adventure story, “Perils of Payeto, Saving the Last Vaquita Porpoise.”

Perils of Payeto Amazon Cover Image

I encourage you to be an activist for a better world!

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