Writing Well Resources

In my quest to become a better storyteller, a better writer, I am studying the works of many writers. Here are a few who have inspired and guided me on the path to writing excellence-

Robert McKee, “Story: Substance, Style and Structure” McKee is the dean of Hollywood screenwriting gurus. His book, “Story,” is the Bible for screen writers. Why do I put this book at the top of my list? Because I believe that writing is storytelling, the essence of communication through the ages. Hollywood has spent a century perfecting the art of storytelling and McKee is the master teacher of storytelling through the medium of screenwriting.

McKee has two other must read books, “Character” and “Dialogue.”

“Hemingway’s Top Five Tips on Writing Well.” A short yet complete article from Copy Blogger on the principles that guided Hemingway in his writing process.

William Zinsser, “On Writing Well.” The essence of good writing, simple and complete, always an inspiration and practical reminder of the path to writing excellence.

“The Hero’s Two Journeys,” a seminar with Michael Haig and Christopher Voegler, two of Hollywood’s most sought after screenwriting consultants. Their seminar explores the roots of symbolic storytelling and lays out specific structure necessary to develop compelling plots.

Stephen King, “On Writing.” Part memoir, part master class on creative writing, this is King’s story of the perils and principles of great writing and he has the credentials to stand behind his words.

Being blind, I’m a big fan of audio books. Listening to how other writers craft their stories has been my greatest source of learning how to improve my own writing. I encourage you to seek out the authors who entertain and inspire you.

I’m always seeking ideas on how to improve my writing and storytelling craft. Please send any ideas that have lit up your own writing pursuits.

Write well, write often, and Good Luck!

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