The Blind Side Parables 3 – Rapunzel

The prince was straining, he hadn’t realized how difficult it would be to pull himself up the tangled mass of hair to the top of the tower. But, he told himself, he must climb, the beautiful Rapunzel awaited.

Suddenly, a cascade of foul smelling detritus fell upon his head. Stunned, he let go the hair and tumbled to the ground. Dazed, he looked up, only to be hit full in the face with one more horse apple.

Far above, Rapunzel peered down from the window of her tower top prison and sighed.

“My oh my,” she pined, “so difficult to find a good prince these days.”

Of course, none of her savior wannabees had known about the added test they would face when they reached her window. There, gasping for air and sweating with excitement, they were immediately quizzed by Rapunzel, who had her standards, a man of brains, brawn, and a sizable bank account among them. So, she’d run through her checklist, then, bending down as if to bestow a kiss on expectant lips, she’d nimbly push the failed suitors away. the surprised screams never fazed her.

But having her legendary long hair yanked out by hormone crazed men had become tiresome. She’d negotiated with the wicked witch to borrow Jenny, the big farm horse with the magnificent tail. So now, when she heard a pleading voice call out, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair,” it was Jenny’s tail that was tossed out the window.

True, Jenny occasionally dropped a load of excrement on a would be lover. but, Rapunzel thought, if he was a real man, wouldn’t he ascend a mountain of dung to claim his princess?

Moral: What you see may not be what you get

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