the wind was I

sunshine blessed rose scented air
butterflies fluttered without a care
the summer breeze swept silent by

I smiled and thought
the wind was I

faces laughed and babies cried
old ones watched as time flew by
and through it all
the nameless wind
blew on
without end

the wind was I

past mountains tall
past oceans wide
past deserts dry and last goodbyes
the wind watched all
from Spring time bliss
to lonely Fall

I’ve had a life
a precious gift
I’ve crossed the world
from birth to death

as sun fell towards the silent ground
as the breath of being slowed down
the wind of life
once strong and free
began to ebb away from me

and with the evening’s final sigh
I felt the wind of life pass by
and knew once more

the wind was I

Tio Stib Signature

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