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A Blind Writer’s Guide to Excellent Audio Books
(Updated January 28, 2015)

I’m blind, and the pleasure I get from books is listening to them. The words I hear
fire my imagination and in this place I can see. Well written books fill my mind
with vivid pictures of fascinating characters acting out suspenseful plots often
with surprising twists. This is a world I often disappear into, a place where I am
not sightless but limitless.

My Guide to Excellent Audio Books is based on my own listening experiences. I
get my audio books mostly from either B.A.R.D., the National Library Service for
the Blind, or I have a few criterion for what I deem excellent which I
note as follows:

First, well written stories. The plot is logical and at the same time absorbing.
Characters don’t do stupid things. Coincidental occurrences don’t disturb the
story’s believability.

Next, there are interesting characters. Personalities that reflect the myriad
possibilities of human behavior. There are relationships that shed light on human
dilemmas. Characters who are challenged and respond in the highest and lowest

Finally, there is an underlying message, perhaps a theme about values. Ideally, a
story that offers a solution to one of the many life challenges people face. Of
course, I also appreciate the narration, how the story is told.

That’s about it. My definition of “excellence” is constantly changing and as it
evolves I’ll let you know more. Hopefully, you will share your thoughts on this
subject and we can grow together.

Here’s the link to My List of Excellent Audio Books.

Thanks for playing. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tio Stib

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