“Taxi School”, a novella

“Taxi School” is the story of an eccentric NY cabbie who lands in an alien West Coast world. This novella is available on amazon in paperback and ebook formats.

Al “Gynt” McGynty drives a taxi, the only Checker cab in New York City. It’s the life he loves and the Big Apple is where he loves living. Where else could he and Wally, a dog with a nose for trouble, enjoy great pizza, the Mets, jazz, hookers and hoodlums?

Discover how Gynt becomes a regular at the San Francisco police jail, adapts to the high tech age with his sexy assistant, Gina, and finds love in a family he abandoned years ago.

“Taxi School” is a curmudgeon’s laughable journey to find forgiveness and redemption in a world that can’t ignore him..

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