The Speed of Love

given that light travels at 186,000 miles per secondand the moon is 238,900 miles from earth.  it takes less than two seconds  for the man in the moon to smile and warm your heart  how fast, then, is the speed of love when you smile at the person beside youand they smile back  instant immediate faster than a speeding bullet even faster […]


Breathing scents of fallen rose petal secrets Unwrapping tied up boxes of lost surprises Waiting while tear drops melt false maskes from me Staring into mirrors of screaming faces behind shadow smiles Knowing layers illusions are dissolving my truth is being revealed tio stib, 1995, 2018 You might also enjoy: First Snow, Sometimes They Smile

Why I Write Poetry

My Path to Writing Excellence In the midst of my current mental writing cramps, I rediscovered a cache of poems written a lifetime back. In reading through them, I concluded that I wasn’t much of a poet years ago yet occasionally I created a resonant verse. I also realized that the same disciplined determination for […]

The Blind Side Parables 4 – Aladdin

Aladdin had been furiously rubbing the lamp all the way home from the bazaar. The oldman had assured the boy that the lamp was, indeed, magical. Just rub it and a genie would appear and grant him three wishes. Not born yesterday, the boy had asked the trader why, if the lamp was so marvelous, […]

My Dementia Diary 35 – A One Act Play

Each day, every day, the curtain goes up on their one act play.  The early morning hush is broken by her voice, “are you coming to walk with me?” He rubs sleep from his eyes and answers, “yes, I’m coming.” The blind man and his demented wife have said these lines well over one thousand […]

Starting Over Again, Back to Love Basics

A funny thing happened when I looked at who had checked out my last blog post, “The Love Game, For Guys Only.” I discovered that, For all my good intentions, I completely missed the mark attempting to serve the needs of my reading audience. A large number of my blog visitors are seeking relationship help […]