For Want of Open Minds

He asked my thoughts on politics
but before my mouth could move
he stormed ahead with words of dread
drowning out the room

and on he roared, a raging flood
I chose to bide my time
for it was plain enough to hear
I couldn’t change his mind

no reasoned fact, no cautious note
no plea for honesty
was going to change this zealot’s fears
about humanity

I smiled and offered my goodbye
I scarcely think he heard
for he was talking to himself
since no one else concurred

a sad day for democracy
sad for humankind
when we fail to listen with respect
for want of open minds

tio stib,
2017, 2018

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2 thoughts on “For Want of Open Minds

  1. Seems I could picture that scene from my own life experience. Your poem has good rhythm. It races boisterously like his mouth and comes to a quiet certainty which is a place we’ve all been. My daughter who is only 16 states it well recently when we were in the presence of the over bearing verbal presence of a family member. She said, I just sit silently knowing what I know proving them wrong.

    • Fortunately, the world is filled with many wise and gracious minds such as your daughter’s. Thanks for your thoughts and best wishes for a joy filled Thanksgiving.

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