Third World Shower

the singular measure
of civilized pleasure
a waking human’s treasure

the perfect morning shower

while some grade countries on GNP
the importance of which I fail to see
only one thing matters to me

my perfect morning shower

still asleep
I hear the hiss
signal of my morning bliss
the flood of wet and cozy warm
the deluge splashing off my arms
consciousness begins to shake
my toes squiggle in a little lake
oh joy, the day that starts like this
if not, surely something is amiss

so here I stand expectantly
waiting for what I hope will be
that moment of pure ecstasy

my perfect morning shower

a distant rumble in the wall
my senses spark to shower’s call
the pipes begin to shake and creak
and then there is a tiny leak
a drip
an agonizing
of lukewarm

and so, from side to side I sway
trying to soak in token spray
pretending things will be okay

without my morning shower

tio stib, 2016

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River of Time

once upon
a nursery rhyme life began
on the river of time

through rapids wild down waterfalls
with smiles for few
and tears for all
some hopes survive while others drown some dreams are dashed some carry on
as creatures watch from silent shores we all drift by some rich
some poor

river of time
river of time
we all flow together on the river of time

and what of me circling round eddying
in thoughts profound then pulled off
by fate’s new day swept downstream

river of time
river of time
carry me home
oh river of time

tio stib, 2016

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