I’ve been in a funk since we’ve moved to southern Mexico some weeks ago, adapting to a new culture and climate, trying to get my mind to work in a new world of heat and humidity. In the midst of this, I’ve been wondering how to move my writing process forward and concluded that in order to increase my writing authenticity I needed to increase my human consciousness. I needed to find ways to stretch my mind to greater openness.

As I probed this question, I discovered a blog post from a writer and poet I admire, Christy Bharath, who lives in southern India. Although I always find his blog, “Verse Herder,” eloquent, witty, and sumptuously detailed, this particular post jarred me. It references a documentary film, “Earthlings,” which explores human exploitation of other species. It was the door I was seeking.

This is a deep and challenging documentary, one which will provoke hidden sensibilities if allowed. It’s difficult. It’s not fun. But, for those who are willing to push themselves beyond the borders of comfort, it affords an essential understanding of the true connection between all forms of life on Planet earth.

Check it out.

I also recommend Christy’s blog, “Verse Herder” for inspiring and thought provoking accounts of his experiences with Nature.

Here’s the link to his blog “Verse Herder” .


my face begins
to bead with sweat
the time has come
fate must be met

oh, how I dread
times tempest tossed
such moments when
I feel so lost

how can I choose
the path to take
how do I know
what choice to make

the clock strikes twelve
life laughs at me
okay, young man,
what will it be

my stomach stirs
the pain endures
my vision fades
to ghostly blurs

I hear a voice
in front of me
his scoop awaits
what will it be

I step forth
with strength renewed
clear on my path
my goal in view

I know for sure
what I must say

“Give me the flavor
of the day”


tio stib, 2015

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