Seattle Sun

January day
weeks of grey
students spilling out
to play

Blast of sun
clothes undone
suddenly it’s
naked fun

eyes aghast
a writhing mass
I even saw
a bare white ass

Came the clouds
and then wet rain
Seattle weather
back again

Tio Stib, 2015

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Beyond Reason

Is it tragic When reason
pummels passion?
Can I truly breathe
When logic conquers all?

how controlled must my life be
by unseen boxes
how much more of me exists
beyond my fenced in mind

if passion storms
my consciousness
if obsession drives
my soul astray
can I surrender
the crutch of rationality
to be whole and free

tio stib, 2014, 2015

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The Story

The last words echoed through my mind
a story that I’d chanced to find
I knew the hero’s heart would mend
a journey that would never end

our lives had been intertwined
somehow our stories so divined
the pain and struggle of his life
So paralleled my daily strife

The truths of distant galaxies
the struggles lost in stormy seas
the night so long and oh, so dark
a hint of hope, the faintest spark

I felt the pain, the tragic loss
a soul despaired, life tempest tossed
simple words jumped from the page
and pulled me back to timeless age

For from such stories simply told
I feel a tear drop in my soul
a cry that opens up my heart
a breaking down of life apart

And as one tear becomes a flood
I know again that life is good
that from the darkness of the night
the morning will bring heaven’s light

tio stib, 2015

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