The Story

The last words echoed through my mind
a story that I’d chanced to find
I knew the hero’s heart would mend
a journey that would never end

our lives had been intertwined
somehow our stories so divined
the pain and struggle of his life
So paralleled my daily strife

The truths of distant galaxies
the struggles lost in stormy seas
the night so long and oh, so dark
a hint of hope, the faintest spark

I felt the pain, the tragic loss
a soul despaired, life tempest tossed
simple words jumped from the page
and pulled me back to timeless age

For from such stories simply told
I feel a tear drop in my soul
a cry that opens up my heart
a breaking down of life apart

And as one tear becomes a flood
I know again that life is good
that from the darkness of the night
the morning will bring heaven’s light

tio stib, 2015

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In the caverns of my mind
I seek,
the perfect words to find
That I may tell a story bold
That sparks the eyes as it unfolds

I test them each across my lips
For rhyme, for sound,
they seldom fit
Plunge on, I must,
with driven need
to satisfy my wordy greed

I trust that lost
deep in my brain
perfection hides
then laughs

Tio Stib, 2014, 2015

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there is no happy
without sad
there is no good
without bad

there is no high
without low
there is no stop
without go

there is no wrong
without right
there is no dark
without light

there is no courage
without fear
there is no far
without near

there are no tears
without smiles
there is no distance
without miles

there is no quiet
without din
there is no out
without in

there is no wild
without tame
there is no different
without same

there is no peace
without strife
this is the truth
of daily life

and from all this
how choose my fate?
I will be love
and without hate

tio stib, 2015

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